New unique DP-2 Multi Purpose Support vessel Zwerver I!

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New unique DP-2 Multi Purpose Support vessel Zwerver I!

HvS Dredging Support BV, offshore renewable support company located in Harlingen, The Netherlands, is very proud to announce that they will add a New unique multi-purpose DP 2 vessel to its fleet!

The vessel is especially designed for supporting the Renewable Energy-, Offshore installation projects all around the world!

This vessel is designed as an extension on the existing fleet of DP support vessels within HVSDS. On top of the capacities and capabilities of the latest addition in 2016, the DP-2 “Zwerver II”, HVSDS searched for additional features to meet the needs of their clients.

Some of the additional features on the New DP-2 “Zwerver I” are:
– 60 x 24 m dimensions
– Shallow draught
– DP-2 with draft of 2,3 m
– Beaching/ground out facility
– Large free deckspace of +800 m²
– Accommodation for 57 pax
– Spudpoles (telescopic)
– Moonpool 4 x 4 m with bottom door
– Large AHC Knuckle-boom crane
– Powerful E-network for 3rd parties
And more….

The extended equipment and capabilities, enables her to compete with larger DP offshore support vessels. In fact this new vessel creates a new class of “DP Support Vessels” in the offshore renewables market worldwide.

The large Offshore Knuckle-boom crane is positioned on SB side and is manufactured by Scaldon. The crane is lifting 40T @ 20 m and has a maximum reach of 27.0 m. The crane has AHC 40T/20T at Seastate 3, CT, tuggerwinch and Manriding.

The extensive deck equipment consists of 1 HS Marine hydraulic knuckle-boom crane of 550 Tm with a capacity of 15 T @ 20 m on the PS aft deck, 1 HS Marine hydraulic knuckle-boom crane of 145 Tm with a capacity of 3,5 T @ 20 m on the PS Midships. 1 massive anchor handling-/towing winch with a pull capacity of 200 T, 2 Tugger  winches with 15 T pull, 30 T hold capacity. 4 x 4 pt mooring winches with 60T pull and 1400 m wire capacity. The vessel can be anchored on 4-or 5-pt mooring. On the aft deck, a large stern roller with 200T SWL including a set of Towing pins and fork is installed.

The vessel has a comfortable accommodation for 57 persons, which includes a relax room, gym, meeting room and client office(s).

The “Zwerver I” is suitable for operations like Offshore maintenance/installation support, Cable lay, Cable repair, Walk-to-Work, ROV-support, Diving support on DP-2 or 4-pt mooring, Mattress installation, Anchor-handing, Towing, CPTVibrocore ops, Survey and many more.

The vessel will be in service in April 2020.