Newbuild 32m 5220Bhp 70TBP ASD Escort Tug available for sale

Grandweld completes escort tugs, invests in hybrid propulsion
SAAM Towage to Receive New Tug in Panama

Newbuild 32m 5220Bhp 70TBP ASD Escort Tug available for sale

Newbuild 32m 5220Bhp 70TBP ASD Escort Tug available for sale.

This unit can be delivered 8 weeks from confirmation of contract.

Inspection & delivery in China.

Built: 2022/China

Classification: BV I ✠HULL ✠MACH,✠AUT-UMS, Tug/ Escort Tug, Special service – Utility Boat, Fifi1

Length of Hull : 32 m

Length B.P. : 25.5 m

Beam MLD. : 12 m

Depth MLD. : 5.35 m

Berth : 12 pax

Harbour/Escort Draft : 4.00 m

Offshore Draft : 4.40 m (max)

GRT : 495

Speed : > 12 kn

Bollard Pull: 70 tons Ahead / 65 tons Astern


F.O. Tank : 200.00 m³

Day F.O. Tank : 18.03 m³

F.W. Tank : 60.00 m³

Lube Oil Tank : 3.07 m³

Hydraulic Oil Tank: 2.05 m³

Foam Tank: 15.64 m³

Dispersant Tank: 12.41 m³

Main Engine: 2 x Yanmar 6EY26W (IMO II)

Power – 2610Bhp (1920kW) @750RPM

ASD Propellers: 2 x Schottel SRP 430 FP

Generating Set: 2 x Cummins CCFJ150CST (IMO II)

Power – 150kW @400V 50Hz 3Φ


FFS (BV FI-FI 1) 2 × FFS1200SB 1200 m³/h Sea

Firefighting Pump: 1 × 2760m³/hr@120mLC


Bow Winch Set (with Escort/Towing /Anchor Windlass functions) 

Maker : J&J – Singapore

Capacity: φ100mm×120 m (Nylon rope)(*) 

Brake Holding: 200tons

Rated Pull: 30t@0~10m/min 

Anchor Weight: 2 × 570kg 

Diameter of Anchor Chain: φ20.5mm (Q2) 


Maker: J&J – Singapore

Type: Single drum

Rope Capacity (Wire): Φ52mm × 700 m

Wire equipped on actual vessel: Φ52mm × 600 m

Brake Holding: 180tons

Rated Pull: 30t@0~10m/min

Full specs available upon request. Please advise interest.

    With kind regards,

Capt.Thomas Wissmann

       Founder & GM

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