Sentinel Marine Welcomes Biscay Sentinel into Fleet

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Sentinel Marine Welcomes Biscay Sentinel into Fleet

Sentinel Marine, headquartered in Aberdeen, has taken delivery of the latest in its fleet of state-of-the-art multi-role emergency response and rescue vessels (ERRVs).

The British-flagged vessel, measuring 62m in length, will be the seventh of Sentinel Marine’s new breed of ERRVs to enter operation, with a further two currently under construction and due to enter service later this year.

Biscay Sentinel was delivered at the Cosco Guangzhou shipyard in China this month and is expected to arrive in Aberdeen in early May. She will immediately join Sentinel Marine’s fleet of ERRVs operating in the North Sea, providing vital support and lifesaving services to the oil and gas industry.

Rather than retrofitting existing vessels, Sentinel Marine has invested significantly in creating a unique fleet of custom-built ERRVs, ensuring they are kitted out with the latest onboard technologies and crew facilities.

Unlike other ERRVs, Sentinel Marine’s fleet can take on multiple roles while at sea. As well as providing an essential primary role of protecting and saving lives, the vessels can be used for a range of secondary tasks, ranging from cargo storage to oil recovery.

Rory Deans, chief executive office of Sentinel Marine, says, “The offshore environment can be unpredictable, and so safety is of the utmost importance to operators working at sea. We are delighted to be adding Biscay Sentinel to our fleet to ensure that we continue to offer our clients an unparalleled service, backed up by the latest technology available.

“Many ERRVs in operation are repurposed fishing or supply vessels, however by designing our fleet from the ground up, we have been able to ensure that it is fully equipped with everything our crews require to keep our clients safe offshore. Fuel efficiency, too, is far greater in a purpose-built ERRV than that of a repurposed vessel.

“Multi-role vessels like Biscay Sentinel provide a greater flexibility for our clients: in addition to their vital, primary lifesaving role they can also be used across a range of other tasks, including rescue towing and dynamic positioning. This helps our clients keep costs low and provides a better return on investment.”