28m Design joined Med Marine’s product range

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28m Design joined Med Marine’s product range

Turkish shipbuilder and operator Med Marine keeps increasing its product range by signing new design contracts with the Canadian tug designer Robert Allan Ltd. Med Marine’s product portfolio now includes 14 tug designs ranging from 16m to 36m, and 20TBP to 100TBP.

Having signed a design contract for RAmparts 3200-SD recently, Med Marine and Robert Allan Ltd. put pen to paper for a 28m design. The model identification MED-A2885 is derived from the RAstar 2800 design.

Robert Allan Ltd. describes the RAstar series as having the following features:

  • The epitome of high-performance ASD escort tugs
  • Unique sponsoned hull-form for superior escort performance and improved sea-keeping
  • Roll response less than half of other standard designs

The design has following particulars:

Length, Overall                   28,40 m

Beam, Moulded:                13,00 m

Depth, Least Moulded:  5,40 m

Crew:                                      10 max.

Bollard Pull:                         85 Tonnes

Speed:                                    12,5 knots


Fuel Oil:                                 150 m3

Potable Water:                   20m

Foam:                                      9 m3

The vessel’s general notations are as follows:

RINA C ✠ Tug, ✠ AUT-UMS, ✠ AUT-PORT, Unrestricted navigation, INWATERSURVEY, Escort Tug, fire-fighting ship 1 with water spray,



SYS-NEQ1, Oil Recovery Ship (FP>60°C), COMF-NOISE C; COMF-VIB C