Damen signs contract with Port of Antwerp for delivery of two IMO Tier III compliant RSD Tug 2513

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Damen signs contract with Port of Antwerp for delivery of two IMO Tier III compliant RSD Tug 2513

On 8th of July, Damen Shipyards Group was awarded a contract by the Port of Antwerp to deliver two RSD Tugs 2513 after an intensive tender process. After a legal stand-still period of fifteen days, the award became final. The vessels are part of Damen’s Next Generation Tugs series and are built with the latest technologies in regards to safety, sustainability, efficiency and reliability.  

The Next Generation Tugs combine elements of Damen’s proven track record in tugs with state-of-the-art innovations leading towards a most efficient vessel; the RSD Tug 2513 produces considerably lower emissions than an equivalent tug. Examples include Damen Safety Glass – shatterproof glazing similar to that used in cars – and a highly ergonomic human machine interface (HMI).

The RSD Tug 2513 is a dedicated ship-handling tug both compact and – with 70 tonnes bollard pull – powerful. It has two bows, which means optimal performance in both bow and stern assisting operations.

As a result of the always bow first approach, Damen has been able to incorporate a higher freeboard than would usually be possible on a tug of this size – meaning no water on deck, improved seakeeping and increased safety.

Both Damen and the Port of Antwerp have a focus on sustainability and innovation. These ambitions became apparent in this tender. For example, the Port of Antwerp selected to have the vessels fitted with Damen’s in-house developed, fully certified Marine NOX reduction system, making them IMO Tier III compliant.

The Port of Antwerp has also selected to have the vessels outfitted with FiFi 1 firefighting capabilities. Damen offers numerous options for its vessels; in this way the shipbuilder is able to deliver standardised, proven vessels, tailored to the individual requirements of its clients.

“We attach great importance to creating a sustainable port”, Celine Audenaerdt, technical manager Port of Antwerp said. “In our role as operators we wish to set a good example by investing in greening our fleet. We are systematically replacing our tugs by modern type, more environmentally friendly tugs. Buying the two Damen tugs fits in this framework. The new tugs have more fuel-efficient engines and a more efficient propulsion, which significantly reduces fuel consumption. In addition, we are developing two new prototypes for hydrogen and methanol propulsion.”

“We are very proud to deliver the first Damen tugs – and also the first azimuth driven tugs – to the Port of Antwerp to match their sustainable and operational ambitions. I must also congratulate to Port of Antwerp team with their continuous focus on lowering emissions and their courage to invest in the latest technologies,” says Vincent Maes Damen area sales manager Benelux. “It is a pleasure to work with such a Customer.”