Damen to deliver two ASD Tugs 3010 ICE to Norway’s BOA Group

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Damen to deliver two ASD Tugs 3010 ICE to Norway’s BOA Group

On February 20th Damen Shipyards Group signed a contract with BOA Group for two ASD Tugs 3010 ICE. Due to Damen’s practice of constructing vessels in series for stock, the tugs were already under construction at the time of order and will be delivered later this year.

BOA’s fleet consists of specialised offshore vessels, semi-submersible barges and harbour tugs. The order for these two Damen tugs is a part of the Norwegian company’s strategic fleet renewal and aims at modernising the fleet while lowering fuel consumption.

Sustainable renewal

BOA CEO and shipowner Ole Torberg Bjørnevik explains, “There are a number of advantages to reducing the fuel consumption of our vessels. For one, it lowers costs, which helps us become more competitive. Crucially, it also allows us to pursue our goals of increased sustainability.”

In this, BOA is aligned with Damen, which has set itself the goal to become the most sustainable maritime solutions provider.

To ensure that the tugs met the requirements of BOA, Damen worked closely with its client, considering its operational profile in great detail. BOA serves multiple ports, some of which are a considerable distance from one another, requiring up to 10 hours steaming, followed by harbour assistance.

Considering all options

“To ensure a good match, we considered a wide range of tugs, from various shipbuilders. I am confident that we have found the right vessel with Damen. The ASD Tug 3010 ICE represents the complete package for us. It’s got the fuel economy, the right draught, ice classification and availability of spare parts. It was very important for us that we had something that was proven – and with Damen you certainly get something proven,” says BOA Fleet Director Tugs and Salvage Eskil Bjørnevik.

The two tugs will feature a range of options that ensure their suitability to BOA’s needs. This includes a Heila HLRM 65 – 4s crane with 3.3 ton lifting capacity at 12.65 metres, an aft winch, a modular oil recovery system, and a shore heating system.

The vessels will be the first Damen newbuilds in BOA’s fleet. The two family-owned companies have, however, enjoyed a close relationship for many years already. This includes BOA’s repeated utilisation of Damen Shiprepair & Conversion yards. An example of this is the recent extension of the Boabarge 33 undertaken by Damen Shiprepair Rotterdam in preparation for BOA’s scope in a contract with TM Edison in Belgium.

In keeping with tradition

In keeping with company tradition, the tugs will receive names associated with Norse mythology. They are to be named BOA Hugin and BOA Munin (thought and memory, respectively, in Old Norse) for the two ravens said to fly around the world gathering information for Odin.

Damen Sales Manager for Scandinavia Martin Verstraaten says, “It has been a pleasure to be in contact with such a knowledgeable client. I’m very pleased that we have been able to find a solution that matches BOA’s wide-ranging operational profile. It’s been quite a journey assessing the requirements and the possible solutions, but it’s gone smoothly and always been filled with warmth. I’m looking forward to the continued development of our relationship in the future.”