Offshore Tug with 180tBP for Sale in GOM

RAmparts ASD Tug Sisters from 2017 for Sale
Offshore Tug with 63tBP for Sale in Italy

Offshore Tug with 180tBP for Sale in GOM

180t BP ex.Maersk AHTS vessel for sale,


abt 2,210 tdw on 6.85 mtrs draft

blt 10/91 soviknes verft as – sovik

BV +100A1 OFFSHORE TUG/SUPPLY, +LMC, UMS (next ss 03/2023)

dims 73.60 / 63.6 x 16.4 x 8 mtrs

2 x Wartsila 6R32E + 2 x 8R32E,

total of 13,200bhp

Consumption under tow: 19t/day

SHARK JAWS 2 x Triplex SWL 700 ts

TOWING PINS 2 x Triplex SWL 200 ts

STERN ROLLER Double stern roller

Dia. 3 meter and length 2 x 3 meter.

SWL 700 ts.

The vessel is well equipped with stoppers, shackles, J-hook etc. for towing and anchor handling operations and is approved by Noble Denton.

Location: GOM Price: $1.25 mil.

Contact us for more details.