Robert Allan Ltd. Design Z-Tech 30-80 George M Delivered

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Robert Allan Ltd. Design Z-Tech 30-80 George M Delivered

Bay-Houston Towing Co. has taken delivery of the Robert Allan Ltd. designed Z-Tech 30-80 tug George M in early January 2021. Bay-Houston Towing Co. contracted Gulf Island Shipyards LLC to build five Z-Tech 30-80 tugs in 2018. George M is the last vessel of the batch after the first tug Mark E. Kuebler was delivered in 2019.

This latest delivery signifies a successful completion of the major contract. The Z-Tech 30-80 design incorporates Robert Allan Ltd.’s unique RAstar series sponsoned hull form in the existing Z-Tech design which greatly enhances the tug’s escort capabilities by generating more than 100 mt of steering force at 10 kts.

Bay-Houston Towing Co. is long time Robert Allan Ltd. customer. The company currently operates 14 Z-Tech tugs.

We are extremely proud of the fifth Z-Tech tug built by Gulf Island Shipyards LLC for Bay-Houston Towing Co. Of all the vessels built to our design internationally, the ones we are most proud of inevitably involve a high-quality builder and a knowledgeable Owner that fully understands the way their vessels need to operate. We most definitely had both for the construction of these five tugs.

12, 2021