Sanmar Shipyards delivers second electric tug for greenest tugboat fleet in the world

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Sanmar Shipyards delivers second electric tug for greenest tugboat fleet in the world

Sanmar Shipyards has delivered a second revolutionary electric-powered Tug of the Future to HaiSea Marine in Canada to work alongside its sister as a key member of the most environmentally-friendly tugboat operation in the world.

Combined with HaiSea’s two Sanmar-built dual-fuel (LNG and diesel) escort tugs, the electric-powered harbour tugs HAISEA WEE’GIT and its sister HAISEA WAMIS will comprise the greenest tugboat fleet in the world. A third electric tug HAISEA BRAVE will be delivered later this year.

HaiSea Marine is a joint venture majority owned by the Haisla Nation in partnership with Seaspan ULC which has a major contract provide harbour and escort tugboat services to tankers calling at LNG Canada’s new export facility in Kitimat, in an extremely environmentally-sensitive region of British Columbia.

Like its sisters, HAISEA WEE’GIT is based on the exclusive-to-Sanmar ElectRA 2800SX design from Vancouver-headquartered naval architects, Robert Allan Ltd. With approximately 70 tonnes bollard pull, a top speed of 12 knots, and 6.000 kWh of battery capacity, it will perform all ship-berthing and unberthing missions on battery power alone.

Taking advantage of the clean hydroelectric power available in Kitimat, it will be able to recharge from dedicated shore charging facilities at its berth between jobs, effectively resulting in zero emissions.

HaiSea’s green tug fleet is expected to reduce emissions of CO2 by approximately 10.000 tonnes per annum compared to diesel powered alternatives, with major reductions of NOX, SOX, CO, and particulate matter as well. The electric harbour tugs are also exceptionally quiet, both onboard and in terms of underwater radiated noise, further enhancing the protection of both marine and wildlife in the area.

Ali Gurun, Chairman of Sanmar Shipyards, said: “The delivery of HAISEA WEE’GIT is another marker along the road to a sustainable, environmentally-friendly tug and towing industry. The importance of the delivery of these game-changing tugs to our entire industry cannot be over-estimated. Emissions-free harbour tugs are no longer just a dream. At Sanmar, we are delighted to be at the forefront of this change. As you can imagine, we have had a lot of interest in the ElectRA series from operators around the world.”

Sanmar will deliver a further four ElectRA Series this year. Two will be delivered to South America operator SAAM Towage, one to Bukser og Berging in Norway and one to Sanmar’s own fleet in Türkiye.