Strażak-28 from Remontowa Shipbuilding during sea trials

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Strażak-28 from Remontowa Shipbuilding during sea trials

Strażak -28 (B-861-1), a fire vessel built at Remontowa Shipbuilding SA for the Szczecin and Świnoujście Seaports Authority, has started sea trials. After the tests, which will last several days, the unit will be prepared for handover to the Employer.

The Strażak-28 has already completed assembly work and tethered tests, i.e. testing all devices and systems on the ship’s equipment in port conditions. Now it’s time to check how the new unit will cope with sea conditions.

During sea trials, the equipment will be tested in operation, under normal operating conditions, and all the assumed parameters of the vessel, speed and traction will be verified – says Krzysztof Radzikowski , project manager. – The ship’s maneuvering tests will be carried out, as well as the operation of the extinguishing system, which is the basic function of the unit under construction, the development of an oil dam and all systems responsible for the safety and safe operation of the vessel in operation .

The Strażak-28 is a modern fire unit, 29.2 m long, 10.47 m wide, with a bollard pull of 45 tons, equipped with two FiFi pumps with a capacity of 2700 m3 / h each. Sea trials began on Tuesday 25th. and are to last five days.

The shipbuilding process is practically completed and the unit is almost ready to be handed over to the Employer. After the sea trials, the last corrections will remain to be made, as well as equipping the unit with spare parts and inventory – adds the project manager.

The signing of the handover protocol, i.e. the official handover of the Strażak-28 , is scheduled for November 18.

Let us remind you that the launch of the ship took place on June 30 this year. It was the first launch this year in a shipyard belonging to the Remontowa Holding capital group. The unit was lowered into the water with the help of REM-220 and Conrad Consul floating cranes.

Strażak-28  will perform i.a. activities related to fire protection during reloading, transport of hazardous materials by tankers carrying gases and flammable liquids, requiring the assistance of a fire unit and tasks related to rescue and safety of the port’s operation. As, apart from the functionality of a fire ship, it will also perform towing functions, it will obtain the L2 ice class.

The Szczecin and Świnoujście Seaports Authority currently has two fire ships in its fleet. Strażak-26 is based in Świnoujście , and in the first place assists methane carriers delivering liquefied natural gas to the LNG terminal. President Lech Kaczyński. At that time, the ZMPSiŚ has Strażak-24 , which protects the port in Szczecin, and also provides assistance with a vessel carrying dangerous goods on the Szczecin-Świnoujście fairway.

The purchase of a new fire vessel is co-financed by EU funds under the Infrastructure and Environment Operational Program 2014-2020, Priority axis III Development of the TEN-T road network and multimodal transport, Measure 3.2 Development of maritime transport, inland waterways and multimodal connections, Project “Purchase of a ship for the Szczecin and Świnoujście Seaports Authority ”.