Van Wijngaarden Marine Services names and delivers Damen Multi Cat 3713 Waddenstroom in ceremony

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Van Wijngaarden Marine Services names and delivers Damen Multi Cat 3713 Waddenstroom in ceremony

On 16 November, Van Wijngaarden Marine Services (VWMS) held a naming ceremony for the latest vessel in its fleet, a Damen Multi Cat (MuC) 3713 named Waddenstroom. The 37-metre, DP2 vessel, delivered by Damen Shipyards Hardinxveld, is the largest MuC in the Damen range. The vessel features a series of innovations to ensure its suitability to support the offshore renewable energy sector.

The naming ceremony for the vessel took place at VWMS’ premises in Hardinxveld-Giessendam, the Netherlands. Serving as Lady Sponsor was Mrs Cory van Wijngaarden-Dekker, who undertook the naming of the vessel together with her great-granddaughter, Leandra Biesheuvel. Waddenstroom joins five Damen Shoalbusters and a DP1 MuC 3013 in VWMS’ workboat fleet.

Standard – yet tailored

VWMS and Damen signed the contract for the vessel in May this year. The rapid delivery is the result of Damen’s practice of building vessels in series and keeping them in stock. At the time of the order, Damen already had the MuC 3713 in build.

Though based on a standard platform, Damen was able to tailor the vessel in order to meet VWMS’ requirements. This involved adaptation of the steel work and deck to facilitate the range of equipment the company requires to fulfil its diverse work scope.

Damen also installed ten of the vessel’s sixteen crew cabins above deck in order to meet VWMS’ exacting standards for crew comfort.

Suited to sustainability

Damen’s client was also keen to ensure the vessel performed as sustainability as possible. To achieve this, Damen installed Waddenstroom with its in-house developed Marine NOX Reduction System, a selective catalytic reduction system to cut maritime emissions in line with IMO Tier III requirements.

In a further move towards sustainability, the vessel is outfitted with the DP2 capabilities it requires to serve the offshore renewable energy industry. Waddenstroom additionally features a diesel-electric propulsion system, ensuring optimal efficiency and a reduction of both fuel consumption and emissions.

Drawing on heritage

In addition to the range of innovations featured on board, Waddenstroom also draws heavily on her Damen workboat heritage. She has a crane fore and aft, anchor handling, towing and tugger winches, as well as stern rollers and towing pins.

Damen Shipyards Hardinxveld Commercial Manager Jeroen van Woerkum said, “We are very proud of what we have achieved with the Waddenstroom. This is an innovative vessel that meets all the current requirement for sustainable performance. We also very proud that VWMS continues to place its trust in Damen. Our two companies have enjoyed an excellent relationship for a considerable time now and it’s a pleasure to see this continue into the next generation with Peter van Wijngaarden at the helm.”

Peter van Wijngaarden, Managing Director of VWMS agreed, saying, “As Dutch maritime family companies, Damen and VWMS have long shared the same values. What we see, as we move forwards, is that we continue to align with one another. With this, we can work together on developing vessels that meet the technical and sustainable requirements of the maritime industry of today and tomorrow.”