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Within the next 2 months, JIFMAR OFFSHORE SERVICES (JIFMAR) is going to take the EUROCARRIER 3212, named Anna B to another level.

Vessel length will be brought to 42 m by addition of a 10 m central compartment into the existing hull. JIFMAR, together with its long-term partner Neptune Marine has already completed a similar project in 2015 by lengthening the JIF Breizh Eurocarrier from 22 m to 32 m allowing to create more deck space.

Anna B was already notable in the offshore industry by being the first DP2 Multicat ever built. For several years, she met the highest quality, environmental and safety international standards.

“Together with our clients we have pushed the limits of using DP2 Multicat in the offshore world. We are now requested to provide vessels for both shallow waters and offshore works. Our clients are looking for more and more deckspace and accommodations. Extending our Anna B is a natural move to answer these demands and provide continuous support as we’ve done for the past 14 years” says CEO of JIFMAR OFFSHORE SERVICES, Jean-Michel BERUD.

Thanks to this jumboisation, Anna B will experience a clear jump up of more than 30% of the deck space. This extension will also increase the shallow draft capabilities of the vessel reaching an operational draft as shallow as 2.40 m.

The vessel will keep all the deck equipment which has led to her success over the past years. Thanks to her 40T Bollard Pull, strong cranes, winches, the vessel will still be a perfect tool for anchor handling, cable laying, matresses installation and ROV support operations.

This extension will also allow Anna B to reach an unprecedent accommodation capabilities for a vessel of her size. With 23 berths, a meeting room and a client office, the vessel will offer a comfortable environment for 24/7 operations and meet the highest standards in the offshore industry.

Launched in 2014, Anna B has a proven track records.

“After having been the first of her kind DP2 eurocarrier, time has came to bring Anna B back to the forefront to meet the standrads of our clients while remaining safety first. She will become the most powerful and efficient DPII vessel of our fleet.” says Foad Zahedi, Managing Director of JIFMAR. To complete this new start and following her take over by JIFMAR in 2017, a naming ceremony will be held in June, the vessel receiving her new name with the now usual JIF prefix.