EDDY Tug 30-65 “Atlas” to assume operations in IJmuiden Port area

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EDDY Tug 30-65 “Atlas” to assume operations in IJmuiden Port area

Iskes Towage and Salvage and Holland Shipyards have come to an agreement for the EDDY 30-65 “Atlas” to be transferred to Iskes’ fleet.

The tug, after being operational in South-America for an extended period of time, briefly stopped by her birthplace Holland Shipyards for scheduled maintenance and touch-up works.

This week “Atlas” will briefly be drydocked and provided with a fresh coating, after which operations will commence.

Iskes’ constant drive to improve its operations through more economical operations and product innovations, aligns very well with the EDDY Tugs’ value proposition.

Addittionally, Iskes’ commitment to the EDDY Tug design follows after extensive testing and operations, clearly showing the advantages of the design in the Ijmuiden Port area. The EDDY Tug’s maneuverability in confined spaces prove especially useful in the Ijmuiden lock system where the design excels, especially as bow tug. Also, during assists of smaller vessels and when free-sailing, the hybrid mode excellently addresses the reduced power requirement, leading to fuel savings and a reduction in emissions and maintenance.

Atlas” will join her smaller sister “Telstar”, which is of the EDDY 24-design, but with a higher Bollard Pull of 75 tons.