‘Have we come close to perfection?’

Sanmar proud to have helped develop model selected by Canada
Moby names Damen ASD Tug 2813 Vincenzino O. in Cagliari

Argument continues across the tug boat industry as to which tug is the best. Meanwhile Sanmar Shipyards in Turkey has been steadily developing and refining its extensive ASD portfolio with its most popular type, the 24m Bogacay Class, now having 34 in operation around the world with a further seven under construction or planned. Recent developments have prompted Ali Gurun, Sanmar’s project director, to suggest, following the two most recent orders, that by liaising with a leading operator, they have come close to realizing the perfect 70 tonne bollard pull tug boat.

The first of the two latest orders came from Ineos FPS, part of the global manufacturer of oil and gas and petrochemicals and which operates the largest oil transportation system in the UK including the Hound Point Forties Crude Oil Export Terminal in the Firth of Forth, UK. At this site, Targe Towing, on behalf of the owners, has managed the towing services for the past 25 years.

As part of its long term commitment to the Forties Pipeline System, Ineos FPS has embarked on a major investment agenda which includes a tug fleet renewal programme beginning with the order for a Sanmar Bogacay Class 70 tonne bollard pull, fire-fighting tug specially adapted, following face-to-face detailed consultation between Sanmar’s in-house naval architects, Ineos FPS’s Marine Manager, Ron Allan and Targe Towing’s Managing Director, Tom Woolley. Delighted with the result of the collaboration, Targe itself immediately ordered an identical tug for its own North East Scottish port operation where this additional vessel will join Kittiwake, a highly successful Bogacay Class vessel already in service.

The changes recommended by Targe included extending the bow roll fender for push pull operations, providing a dedicated ship’s office and all officer accommodation with single cabins having en suite facilities and the provision of an oil dispersant system. Numerous other minor layout modifications have also been incorporated.

Based on the Robert Allan Limited RAmparts 2400 SX design exclusively commissioned by Sanmar, the two new ‘Special Bogacays’ will be to Bureau Veritas Classification including full FiFi1 notation