Z-Tech® 5000 port/terminal ship-handling tugs PSA Polaris & PSA Capella join the fleet in style

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Z-Tech® 5000 port/terminal ship-handling tugs PSA Polaris & PSA Capella join the fleet in style

Cheoy Lee Shipyards Ltd. have delivered two more Z-Tech® tugs, PSA Polaris and PSA Capella, to SA Capella, Singapore on October 26. This time was the Z-Tech® 5000 version with newly re-styled deckhouse and wheelhouse in addition to its already unique appearance. As the joint-developer of the original Z-Tech® concept, PSA Marine currently operates twelve Z-Tech® tugs including three Z-Tech® 7000 and nine Z-Tech® 2800 tugs. The design, a combination of the best operational characteristics of both Z-drive tractor tugs and azimuthing stern-drive tugs, was developed by Robert Allan Ltd. in response to a challenge raised by PSA Marine back in 2002. The year after the first Z-Tech® design was delivered, it was awarded the Singapore Design Award of 2004 and one year later it won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award “Best of the Best”. About 90 tugs of 8 versions of the basic design have been built or are under construction worldwide to date.

Particulars of PSA Polaris and PSA Capella are:

  • Length Overall: 27.40 m
  • Beam, moulded: 11.50 m
  • Depth, moulded: 5.03 m
  • Maximum draft: 5.25 m
  • Gross Tonnage: 333

The tugs were designed and constructed to satisfy all applicable Rules and Regulations of:

Lloyds *100A1 Tug, * IWS, Singapore Coastal Service up to 30 Nautical Miles from Shore, * LMC, UMS; ILO MLC 2006

Tank capacities are as follows:

  • Fuel oil: 100 m3
  • Potable water: 23 m3

Average/maximum trial results were as follows:

  • Bollard pull, ahead: 52.0 tonnes
  • Free running speed, ahead: 12.53 knots

The vessel has been designed to the highest standards of outfitting for a normal operating crew of six. The Master and Chief Engineer’s cabin along with two additional double crew cabins are located on the main deck. There is also a pantry and mess room located on the lower deck.

The deck machinery comprises a Macgregor hydraulic towing winch on the bow, spooled with 220 m line on the working drum. Same as their sister vessels for PSA Marine, a knuckle deck crane is also provided on aft deck.

Main propulsion for each tug comprises of a pair of Yanmar 6EY26W diesel engines, each rated 1530 kW at 750 rpm, and driving a Schottel SRP 360FP Z-drive unit with Ø2200 propeller. The electrical plant consists of two identical Perkins E70TAG1M diesel gen-sets, each with a power output of 96 eKw 415 v, 3-Ph, 50 Hz.

Ship-handling fenders at the bow consist of one tier of 800 OD x 400 ID cylindrical fender at the main deck level, with 480 x 300 W-Block fenders between the main deck and the knuckle at bow and stern, and 300 x 300 hollow square style fenders along the sheer lines of main deck, stem and skeg. 400 OD x 200 ID fendering is used at the stern.