Sanmar Shipyards Delivered a 60tbp Tugboat to Marintug of Turkey

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Sanmar Shipyards has delivered a 24 meter ASD Tug with 60 tbp to Marintug of Turkey.

This 24 meter long vessel which has 60 tonnes bollard pull capacity, is one of the most recognition won serie of Sanmar Shipyard called as BOGACAY SERIE and designed by worlds famous designer Robert Allan Ltd, RAmparts 2400SX.

The propulsion system is equipped with 2xCaterpillar 3512C main engines that each can produce 1765kW power with 1800 rpm’s which is combined with Rolls Royce US 205 FP ASD thrusters with sbuilt in slip clutches. Power for auxiliary systems is provided by 2 off Caterpillar C4.4 86ekw generators.

The vessel has been constructed according to ABS A1, AMS, Towing Vessel, ABCU, UWILD, QR, Bollard Pull, Fifi Capable, Unrestricted Service notations. The tug  has 1200m3/h  fire fighting capability.

Back than, Marintug has rendered towage services at Izmıt gulf with a modern fleet of tugboats. Now, they acting at Tekirdağ Ceyport harbour.

The tug fleet has been audited by Turkish Lloyd in terms of Safety Management System (ISM) and qualified with DOC and SMS certificates. Company aims to strengthen their fleet by adding this BOGACAY Series tugboat.

Orhan Gürün, board chairman of Sanmar Shipyards said ‘’This is huge proud for our country that just like our clients in UK, Norway, Canada, Denmark and many other countries, the Turkish tug operators as Marin Tug, Asyaport, Gemport, Safiport prefer the tugboats which have built by Sanmar.’’

Sanmar Shipyards, produces tugboats to worlds leading tug operators, received fourteen new orders in first quarter of 2019.